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The exhibition

The good old slide projector - a simple mechanical technology and a little miracle occurs: illuminated images come out of the dark. One click and the image is replaced by another.

Domestic slideshows, lectures about art and science, communal sing-along - anyone who has ever participated in such events/ rituals is familiar with the small glitch-prone apparatus, equipped with either a linear cartridge or a ring-shaped slide carousel, which floods the room with images.

The small slides, whose emergence is accompanied by a clicking sound, transform every classroom, lecture hall, or domestic living room into a museum without walls, an encyclopedia devoid of paper.
The slide cartridge treasures a whole world.

The exhibition strives to draw attention to the slide projector as an extinct technology; extinct, yet not irrelevant
to contemporary art. Pushed aside by digital technology, the slide projector's presence in art is multi-faceted: nostalgic, and at the same time essential. It is used by artists who are well-aware of its unique qualities as an object and an aid (awkwardness, an air of obsolescence, a hypnotizing presence of sound and light).

One moment before the slide projector becomes a museum exhibit, we thought we should hold an exhibition for (and with) it; in homage to a technology on the verge of disappearance, and out of fascination with a moment when the magic was manual, simple and visible.

Ruti Direktor and Danny Yahav-Brown
Curators of the Exhibition

הגלריה לאמנות, אוניברסיטת חיפה, בניין ראשי, טרקלין קומת ה-700, שעות פתיחה: א-ה' 10:00-16:00 ו' 13:00-10:00 שבת 14:00-10:00