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The Exhibition

The exhibition sets out to consider viewing time, the viewer's time.
It features relatively few works; the walls remain largely bare, and much of the exhibition space empty. The intention is to transform the gallery into a viewing laboratory, in the hope of generating conditions for contemplation of the way in which we conduct ourselves vis-?-vis art, and our conditionings as art viewers: How long do we stand before a painting (oil on canvas, overflowing with layers of paint, or alternatively-a mural consisting of only two lines)? How do we watch a video piece? What type of attention does a large-scale, highly-nuanced photograph demand? How do we observe/read a painting comprised largely of text? And what about the wall text itself, the text accompanying the exhibition, which mediates or sheds light on it-at what point do we lose patience, and hurry to the bottom line, to locate the conclusion?

The exhibition welcomes embarrassment; or, in fact, reflections about the perplexity due to an all-too hasty stop in front of a work, or due to calculations such as "how long it took the artist to make," and the place that such (heretical?) thoughts occupy in our artistic judgment. Reflections about the viewing duration as a factor (yes-or-no) in our appreciation of a work of art, and moreover-the relation between the (approximate, estimated) execution time of an art work and its viewing time. Ostensibly-marginal reflections, secondary to the work of art itself; or are they really so?

The exhibition features works by several artists of different generations, who work in diverse media, challenging the viewer's attention, gaze, and time, each in his/her own way. Paintings, photographs, video pieces, sculpture, as well as texts on the wall.

It is your time, the viewing time.

Ruti Direktor

הגלריה לאמנות, אוניברסיטת חיפה, בניין ראשי, טרקלין קומת ה-700, שעות פתיחה: א-ה' 10:00-16:00 ו' 13:00-10:00